Congratulations on your remarkable achievements

August 24, 2023
It is an immensely proud moment for us to announce that our faculty Dr Sanjay Kumar Sah, MBBS, MD (Biochemistry), National Medical College Teaching Hospital,
Birgunj has received the research grant award "PROVINCIAL HEALTH RESEARCH GRANT FY 2079/80" offered by NEPAL HEALTH RESEARCH COUNCIL (NHRC) For Research Project: Utility of Serum Adropin Level in Early Detection of Diabetic Nephropathy: A Comparative Cross Sectional Study Congratulations on your remarkable achievements! We can see your dedication and expertise shine through with this achievement of yours! We wish for the timely completion of this Research Project at National Medical College and provide his optimum efforts in the research arena of Madhesh Province and Nepal.

Presented an Oral Presentation entitled- “Green 5-Fluorouracil encapsulated Anacardium occidentale leaf extract gold nanoparticles: A novel phytochemical based anticancer agent”

April 7, 2023
Our Lecturer Mr. A. Majumder, of Dept. Of Physiology, presented an Oral Presentation entitled- “Green 5-Fluorouracil encapsulated Anacardium occidentale leaf extract gold nanoparticles: A novel ph
ytochemical based anticancer agent” at the 23rd Annual International Conference of the Physiological Society of India (PSI), the “23rd PHYSICON 2022” The conference was held at Vidyasagar University, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, India from 3-5th March 2023 organized by the Department of Human Physiology. The “23rd PHYSICON 2022” chaired by, Dr. Rajeev Varshney [Director, Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences (DIPAS), Delhi], Dr. Uday Bandyopadhyay [Director, Bose Institute, Kolkata], Prof. Dr. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay [Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Sister Nivedita University, Kolkata], Dr. Kaushik Bharati [IPL expert, Health Policy Consultant, UNESCO, New Delhi], Prof. Dr. Chien-Hsiang Chang [National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan], Prof. Dr. Prasunpriya Nayak [Dept. of Physiology, AIIMS, Jodhpur], Prof. Dr. Gausal A. Khan [Chartered Scientist, Eastern, Saudi Arabia], Prof. Dr. Pooja Ojha [Dept. of Physiology, AIIMS, Delhi] and many other renowned physiologist and health scientists from all over India and abroad. Mr Majumder’s presentation was also awarded as best session lecture .

Faculty Development Training (FDT)

April 5, 2023
National Medical College in collaboration with National Center For Health Professions Education (NCHPE) had the honor of inaugurating it’s Faculty Development Program by Chief Gu
est Prof. Dr. Dibya Singh Shah (Dean, IOM), Dr. Pradeep Vaidya(Assistant Dean, Exam, IOM) and Prof. Dr. Nirju Ranjit (Executive Director, NCHPE)

A proud moment for National Medical College !!! Posters presentation on Caesarean Scar Ectopic pregnancy

April 3, 2023
Posters presentation on Caesarean Scar Ectopic pregnancy by 2nd year Residents of Dept. of Gyne-Obs Dr. Saruna Pathak and Dr. Sneha Shakya at NESOG (Nepal
society of Obstetrics and Gynecology) Case was performed by Dr. Pravin Shah & team at NMCTH birgunj.

National Medical College celebrated Oral Health Screening Program on the occasion of World Oral Health Day 2023

March 21, 2023
World Oral Health Day को अवसरमा नेसनल मेडिकल कलेज ले आज Oral Health Screening Programme गरी दात तथा मुख विभाग को समस्या भएका बिरामी लाइ एक दिने नि:शुल्क उपचार गरेको जानकारी डेन्टल विभाग को प्रमुख डा. कौशल कुमार सिंह ले गराउनु भएको हो कार्यक्रम को उद्घाटन नेसनल मेडिकल कजेल का चेयरमेन डा. जैनुदीन
अंसारी ले रिबन काटी आफ्नो हात बाट गर्नु भएको थियों भने उक्त कार्यक्रम मा कलेज का प्रबन्ध निर्देशक एम डी बसरुदीन अंसारी, हस्पिटल डायरेक्टर डा. इसरत जहान अंसारी, प्रिन्सिपल डा. के. एन. सिंह, एकेडेमी डायरेक्टर डा. नुसरत जहान अंसारी, मार्केटिंग डायरेक्टर सहनवाज अंसारी, दात तथा मुख विभाग का विषेसग्य डा. कुसल कुमार सिंह, डा. सरोज देव लगायत अस्पतालका अन्य कर्मचारीहरुको उपस्तिथी रहेको थियों