National Medical College, established in dedication to the people of Nepal, is consecrated as a holy center of learning in Health Science for sons and daughters of the "Global Village" in general and for the sons and daughters of Nepal in particular, aims to impart Health Science Education, perform Scientific Research and provide quality Health Services. It aims to enable its students to acquire skills required for performing duties of a competent Medical Graduate and to make them benevolent, compassionate and sympathetic, the Messiah of the present century.

  • No student is permitted to engage himself or herself directly or indirectly, in any activity of political nature inside or outside the premises of the college, its Hospital and Community Satellite Centers.
  • No student is allowed to form or be involved in any students’ party/union or organization of any kind inside or outside the college or its Hospital/Community Satellite Centers.
  • No student is permitted to make fun of, tease, abuse, manhandle and make physical assault on any Faculty member, Medical Doctor, Nursing and other Staff, Visitors, fellow students and any other person both inside or outside the College premises.
  • No student is permitted to participate in any type of strike or demonstration or disrupt the functioning of the College or Teaching Hospital and Community Satellite Centers/other community Clinics or District/Zonal or Regional hospitals by way of demonstration for any reason or cause whatsoever that may be.
  • Postering and Pamphleting in relation to any matter inside the College or its other premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Defaming colleagues, Faculty members and staff of the College by designing cartoons or write ups and putting up on notice boards or crossing off or overwriting on notice published by the college is strictly forbidden.
  • No student is permitted to remove or take away any article of the college or cause any damage to the college and its hospital’s property of any kind or disrupt the learning and teaching activities of the College.
  • No student is allowed to participate in any kind or nature of inhuman activity like locking up the facility members, staff, administrator or any person for fulfillment of one’s own or others demand.
  • Use of Alcohol: National Medical College is committed to maintain its academic integrity and sanctity above everything. To achieve this objective, it deems necessary to provide students with a peaceful academic environment. Therefore use of alcohol at hostel or any place inside the college campus is strictly forbidden.
  • Students are required to strictly follow the college dress code during and outside the college hours inside the campus.

Disciplinary Action:

No students will be permitted to act against the rules and regulations mentioned in the Code of Conduct. Any student found acting against these rules and regulations will be subjected to punishment. The principal of the college will put forward the name of such a student to the Disciplinary Committee to determine the nature and quantum of punishment, which may include:

  1. Suspension from the class
  2. A fine
  3. Expulsion from the college.

No Appeal:

The decision of the National Medical College Executive Committee shall be the final. No appeal of any kind shall be heard on behalf of a student thus punished and the college shall not be held responsible for the consequences that may fall upon such a student thereafter. The College does realize that although such decisions are harsh and painful for it to take but at the same time it also deems it most essential to keep the sanctity of the College and medical education above everything.